New Dragon Ball movie on March 2013

Dragon Ball movie will be back.

Man, Dragon Ball movies have been 20 years or so.

I cannot wait to watch it.

Actually, I go check the old movies now.

New visuals are released.


Origin of Evangelion Show

The famous anime Evangelion was made by Hideaki Anno who used work for Hayao Miyazaki's movie.

The origin of the Evangelion was in the Miyazaki's movie.

In 2012, Anno made his dream came true by making the actual model with the set of city scape.

It's worth seeing.

Check the official.


PS3 becomes a traditional lunch box!

It's new year season.

Representing that, there are many new year champaign going on including new year meals.

Jubako literally means layered box.  And it's used mostly for new meal.

This year we will see gamer's new year meal in Japan.

PS3 becomes the lunch box.  This is quite unique.

New anime from 2013 Jan 1st.

It's  tiny Idle Master.


It says it available on line at Niconico Doga.

I'll share when more details showed up.

Anyways, Idle Master series are common in Japan.

Became video games on Xbox360.


New anime, new My Sister series.

New anime is starting this December.

My Sister is Osaka Madam.

What's Osaka madam??

Wel, I don' t know.

I live in Greater Tokyo, I don' go to Osaka....

But, I have some assumption.

People in Osaka are tends to be more friendly and close amongst others.

So I believe this sister will be too social and even trouble-making.

Starts on 21st of December.



Akiba Radio Center closing sale.

It's not closing, actually.
Closure for re-building.

Akiba Radio Center will close the end of July.
New Akiba Radio Center will open 2014...

Current shops will move temporally around Akihabara.

Akihabara Radio Center is such a land mark of Akihabara long time....

Book scanning at Akihabara

Scan and import books into iPad.

No scanners?
Come to here with books.

Bring your own USB flash memory.


This is part of Akiba broadcasting studio.

Gundam cafe fair

Gundam cafe at Akihabra meet 1 year anniversary.

It's event will be going  since 4/22 ~ 6/5

Special menu's available. Check some imges here.


PC game eventi Akihabara!

PC game lovers, get ready, be prepared.

It's held in 4/29 ~ 5/5  at Bellesalle Akihabara
Admission is free.

Get excited!

for more info, visit


Open street cancelled.....

Akihabara's famous open strret was cancelled, and will be cancelled for a while.

I don't know how much Akihabara has been damaged, but
maybe it's national emergency, we are supposed to hesitate to have fun...


Power shortage in Akihabara

Akihabara is facing power shortage too.

The earthquake casuality affected Tokyo.

Many retailers are saving power not using lights,
some of them are even closed.

I hope we get former life back soon.


CAMPCOM's free new 3DS game workshop

It's at Bellesalle Akihabara.

It's on 29th of March.
15 O'clock-20O'clock.

Come and try new game!



Train song CD coming!

r u a train Otaku?

There are so many of them in Japan.
And train cafe is in Akihabara.


Furthermore, music CD is coming on 3/23.

It's totally WTF.



Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS available in Akihabara.

Finally in my hand....

Cheep place to stay

Room Japan is reasonable residence for foreign visitors.

Nice'n close in Tokyo.

It says 3-month-long stay minimum, though.
Actually my place can accommodate some in countryside Chiba. lol


Akiba Postage Stamp

Original Akihabara stamps are coming.

It includes postal cards, a holder etc.

It will be pre-selled at anime contents expo at Chiba,
after that, the postage stamps wil be sold at Animate stores.

It's quite remarkable that Anime become actual stamps.



Miku T-shirt

It's not exactly Miku, but related.

Miku Hatune is a famous character of a voice making software.

This is comedy edition of Miku.

I don know who gonna wear this...


Feb 10th Akihabara

E-town exit.  Citiyscape  changes so quickly.

Free McDonald's?

Technically, it's free with Twitter ads and interview is required.


Yesterday, McDonald's Sofmap Akihabara branch got special event of
Miami Burger.

It was snowy Yesterday though


Bandai's event at Akihabara

TAMASHII Feature's VOL.2
I don get the meaning of this title, but
Event will hold in Bellesale Akihabara, and it's free.

Friday, tomorrow is national holiday, and bring your friends to Ballesale.



comic book One Piece vol.61 printed 3.8m copys!!

One Piece is such a mega hit, and new comic book release is as well.

3.8m copies is record breaking gain, now, the vol.61 is placed like a mountain in book stores. lol

Gold aquelion at Bellesalle

It's due to Pachinco event.
It's 10 feet tall.  WTF   lol


Engineering cafe Akihabara

Engineering cafe?

that's unnique...

Engineering cafe, Cafe nano is the place you can get your crafts done.
Tools are free to use, soft drinks as well.
500Yen for 2 hrs


EV charger at UDX Akihabara

Electric Vehicle can charge there.

I haven't seen them actually though.
Still Prius dominate...


American PSPs in Akihabara

PSP is still getting popular now.

There's not many stock left in retailers in Akihabara,
some retailers imported American PSPs!

JP yen is expensive these days, the price are nice'n reasonable. =)

Pretzel at Akihabara

Pretzel steres opened at Akihabara Sta.

Auntie Anne’s is at Showa-Dori entrance(to Hibiya Line)  

So, is that popular in Japan?

I have never imagined Pretzel steres in Japan.  lol


Akihabara Open Street resumed!

Yes, it's back again...

Chuo-Dori(Center Street) is open for pedestrians exclusively for 1 to 5 pm.

Enjoy Akihabara!


Wig haircut for cos-player

That's profound.

You can get your cos-play wig done professionally.

"fuwat" 's Anime Cut is what cos-players has been wanted.

Nice'n close.

Pangya World Championship

Pangya World Championship is  going on today at AKIBA SQUARE.

Do you know this PC golf game?

How good are they?

I have never thought about online golf game.
I still love FPS on xbox360....


free anime A Wandering Son

Brand new Anime,   A Wandering Son which was
just started last Thirsday, its ep.1 is available for free.


Watch it online for free(Just watch it)

This anime is from same titled Manga, and it's still on a monthly  magazine.

This anime is about new junior high students who want to be opposite sex.

I watched it , and i liked it.

I gonna record it from this week's episode.

Open Street resume in this Sunday

Poster in Akihabara station.
More fun in Akihabara~.


Phantom Breaker workshop on Jan 16th

Gotta xbox360?

A new girl fighting game demo is available at
Messe Sanoh Akihanbara main branch on Jan 16.

Looks tight to me.

The article is here

Official site is here

Toy Wars announcement

Do you like FPS?

Toy Wars announcement was held in Akihabara.
 And Voice actors ware attended it in costume.

original article is here



Open street for pedestrians.

Akihabara's Open Street for Pedestrians will resume on Jan 23 th.
It has been cancelled last couple of years, but finally it'll be back.

I hope Cos-players dance in the street ^^)

Moe-Queen competition!

Moe-Queen competition was held on Jan, 9 th.

I wish I could have seen them perform.

Photos and Japanese article is here


Tokyo Anime Center

Tokyo Anime Center(4F in Akihabara UDX building) is closing 1/10.

There's  closing 3-day event since 1/8.

Voice actors are coming.

Gundam chopsticks

Gundam chopsticks available online for ¥2100

Bit expensive, but sold 3000 sets for 3 months.



New year Akihabara shrine

It's not exact Akihabara, but close enough.
Kanda Myoujin shrine is typical shrine.
New year is major day, and only day Japanese people become

There's Wish boards called Ema hanged.
These days, Anime related Ema is getting common. lol

Supposed to be traditional.


Blood donation's anime campaign at Akihabara

The blood donation station(?) right next Akihanara station,
now gives donors anime goods as thanks.

That's quite unique.

I have donated my blood once in this donation station.

The goods are from anime / game .

collaboration with SEGA, Atlus, Ascii, BANDAI, From Software, etc.


Inportant news coming on this Monday at Akihabara

On the anime novel magazine "The sneeker",
it's announced that an important  News about Haruhi Szumiya
will be released as extra issue of Magazine.

What's it gonna be?

The extra issue on The Sneeker is available at Akihabara on Monday.

geme event at Akihabara

Check this website.

The event goes on till 12/30.


Maids in Akihabara

She is so cute!!!


Tsukumonogatari event on 26th @ Akihabara

You know this game?
It's storytelling RPG.

It's about ghosts and afterlife  kinda story involving school girls.

This PSP game is coming to Akihabara denkigai Festival 2010 winter.
It's on 26.(= day after)

check it out



Ramen is always Japanese food culture.
check this Ramen shop when you visit Akihabara.

Castlevania -LordsofShadow-'s event going on

Castlevania -LordsofShadow- is out today for XBOX360 and PS3,
and release event is going on right now up until 20:00 tonight at Tokiwa Musen.



Open street will be back!

Akihabara main street will be open exclusively on pedestrians.

After masacur in 2008, the open street on weekend was closed.

But it will be back in this coming January.  Sundays only.

Means, som cos-players will be dancing. lol


AKB48 just announced that they will be 56 menbers.

8 more menber will join officially and now they are officially AKB56

Akihabara guide center open

A guide center has opened at Sofmap.
It's totally new project in Akihabara.



Portable game cafe

The portable game cafe is booming after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd release.

Check this out!

SEGA Akihabara

SEGA made another Game Center in Akihabara.
It's 5 story structure, and Maid Cafe and Restaurant is above that.

pretty close to Akihabara station too.


new Manga magazine Comic gene

New monthly manga magazine Comic Gene is coming in next April.

This magazine is for girls.  But, the theme  is guy manga.

 the artists are all new artist from competition.


Monster Hunter portable3rd at Akihabara

Monster Hunter P3 is out on 1st of Dec.
Big fans of MHP were lining all over night Nov 30 to
buy one.

Why don you just pre-order?
Well, I would and I did.  

Nanoha iPhone case

Lyrical Nanoha iPhone case is coming
Looks pretty tight.


Droid  models from Google Android

Google's android Mr.Droid is available

Android Mini Collectibles Series 01
16 variations 

I have never known this character. lol


Girl's Jump

The famous manga magazine "Jump" will have new sister,
"Girl's Jump"
It's out Dec 15th.

All mangas will drown female Comic artists.

Lyrical Nanoha movie BDs vanish.

The DVDs and DVDs are so demanded, and BDs piled like a mountain are
vanished after 2 days....


Full metal alchemist

Tha manga of Full metal alchemist finished.

The comic book vol.27 is now out.
Also Anime DVD/BD is out too.

The last volumes are such speechless ending.

K-ON! 's original scarf

K-ON! scarf coming next Jan
Yui's and Yu's scarf in Anime.

gosh I like it!


Breast mouse pad???

Yes, it's real.
this one was sold out instantly last time...

Available at Iosis ¥980


Yukari Tamura

Voice actor Yukari Tamura on prestigious news paper.
Yukari Tamura was introduced in spread.

She must be dominant in this generation.

WTH! Squid cap???

On-going Anime "Invasion! Squid girl"'s 

Who gonna need this?? lol


Light sticks are everywhere in Akihabara

Voice actors vocal unit, Sphere is performing tomorrow at Budokan in Tokyo,
so light sticks are so demanded accordingly.

You gotta buy 'em in box. lol
Actually some of fans will buy them in box...@@


New Akihabara Station department store open

It's bit too modern.

I miss Akihabara taste in this station building.
It's good, but not that otaky so to speak.


Karaoke x LOVE plus

We can now enjoy Karaoke with Love Plus girls!

How does it work??
The monitor!

Not many songs are ready though.